We bring meats from the different breeds that are raised in the valleys of the Pyrenees. They are autochthonous breeds or breeds adapted to the territory, which reflect a landscape and a way of life that we want to help to maintain.

Pirineu en Boca was born in March 2015 as a result of the union of two dreams: to offer people who live in the city, like us, the possibility of buying reliable and quality meat; and to support the small but exceptional producers of the Pyrenees that we have met in our travels through the mountains.

Ours is a multifunctional space: we are a butchery-charcuterie, a restaurant, a store, a take-away and an exhibition space of Romanesque art. We are a platform of the Pyrenees in Barcelona.

From the Cantabrian Sea to the Mediterranean. From the French and Andorran side, to the Basque Country-Navarre, Aragon and Catalonia. In Pirineu en Boca we have traveled through these lands to gather dozens of gastronomic products that we believe represent their essence.

Our producers work in an artisanal way, driven by passion, awareness and a constant concern for the product and its production.

''From the Cantabrian Sea to the Mediterranean''

The animals have a natural growth and their own biological rhythm. Raised in the open air and with a lot of freedom, not only the animal’s welfare is guaranteed, but also a superior quality in the taste of their meat.

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