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At Pirineu en Boca we sell free-range chickens, but what does this mean and how do they differ from the industrial chickens introduced in the previous article?

In the market right now there are different designations to describe chickens raised in semi and complete freedom: extensive indoor, free-range, free-range, traditional free-range, free-range and organic. The main differences between them are the feed and the number of square meters the animals have access to. For example, an organic chicken has 4m2 and a traditional free-range chicken has 2m2. In general, compared to their “intensive” counterparts, they are slower growing breeds and the minimum age at slaughter is usually higher (for example, 81 days for the traditional free-range chicken versus 45/50 days for an industrial broiler). Other differences are the permissiveness regarding preventive medicine, the presence of artificial light, and insemination.

At Pirineu en Boca we sell chickens from different producers, but always with similar characteristics. They are animals that do not receive preventive medicine, that in some cases feed exclusively on what they find in nature and in others their diet is supplemented with legumes and cereals produced by the same farm or locally, and that have open access to yards, forests, or extensive fields. In other words, chickens that go out in the sun, exercise, and follow their natural rhythms. Therefore, they are a little different from industrial chickens. In our chickens, the fat is concentrated in the front and back, and their weight is around 3kg or more. We deal with rustic breeds, in some cases autochthonous, and as they have a longer growth, they have more formed and harder bones, which results in a tighter and tastier meat. In addition, we frequently visit the farms to be in contact with the producers and to know exactly how the animals are raised.

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